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*ResourceLinkBuilding is part of Reddico, the award-winning SEO agency

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As part of Reddico, ResourceLinkBuilding has a team of 40 skilled professionals with unmatched experience in SEO and link building across more than 30 industry sectors.

It’s the same team that has helped leading brands solve their challenges, including BlackRock, Compare the Market, Direct Line, The Cotswold Company, and LUSH.

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Key members of the ResourceLinkBuilding team include:

Shaun Brown

Shaun Brown,Commercial Lead

Shaun is the first point of contact for every new client and will work with you to understand your objectives and scope out your first projects.


Amber Heryet,Senior Project Manager

Amber leads all ResourceLinkBuilding projects, briefing projects and coordinating the work of the team from start to finish.

James Cook

James Cook,Link Building Strategy Consultant

A highly experienced SEO, James develops link building strategies for our clients, researching and implementing unique opportunities for resource development, outreach and alternative bespoke link building techniques.


Ron Carandang,Link Building Product Manager

Ron leads our expert team of outreach professionals, who connect with and secure backlinks on relevant and high authority sites.


Jon Daulby,Head of Design & Development

Jon and his team take our content team’s work through to completion, designing and developing resources that gain audience traction and reflect well on your brand, from conventional web pages to interactive experiences.


Holly Jackson,Content Lead

Holly and her team of writers are experts in researching and writing valuable and engaging content that webmasters want to link to.

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