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*Our link building process is designed to ensure each link continues to add value, relevance, and balance to your backlink profile.

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We focus on the long-term

We don't focus on what works now. Instead, we build high-quality links in order to enhance the overall authority of a website, page or folder, with a long-term vision for continued organic growth.

At the core of our strategy is a quality vs. quantity approach, which has its roots firmly fixed on improving rankings now and in the future. This is reflected in the process outlined below.

Whilst algorithm updates are an important part of understanding the search landscape, we pride ourselves on our industry insight, research, and proprietary software and data to adapt the process accordingly.

We set high standards

To ensure we only acquire quality, rank-improving links, our outreach team follow very strict guidelines. Google continues to clamp down and de-index link networks, so it’s important to adhere to the highest standards and processes.

This not only distinguishes us from our competitors but, more importantly, it delivers demonstrable results.

The process

Resource (content asset) creation

The first phase is the creation of the resource. A lot of effort is put into resource creation, as it plays such a key role in the success of a campaign.

1. Initial ideation conducted, where we present three-five content ideas

2. Once approved, we move into content creation (typically 3,000 to 5,000 words)

3. Once approved, we move into design, ensuring it is kept on-brand

4. Once approved, we build the resource in flat HTML for the client to upload

Project launch

Once the resource is live, the outreach team set the campaign up as a project:

  • Project configured within our internal software

  • Quality and relevancy criteria set

  • Possible targets are discussed

  • New email templates are scripted

  • Link tracker is created and shared with the client


Identifying, reviewing, and approving sites for outreach:

  • The outreach team begin to identify possible target sites

  • Target sites are run through quality and relevance checks

  • Approved sites are identified and ready for outreach


We manually outreach to suitable websites using carefully created email templates. It’s important to remember we’re simply sharing a great piece of content their audience will appreciate – we’re not looking for a monetary exchange for linking to the client's content piece.

  • The team reach out to the webmasters, sharing the client's content piece

  • The team manage emails comms accordingly and schedule follow-ups

  • Email scripts are constantly improved based on feedback and success

  • Confirmed placements, direct from the webmaster, are added to client sheets

Pipeline management

The team manage the flow between prospecting and outreach to give optimal chances of consistent placements in line with client targets:

  • Management of the volume of qualified sites identified by prospecting

  • Management of the volume of qualified sites at each stage of outreach

Link monitoring

Not all webmasters give us an update when they actually put a link live, so we continually monitor the target web pages to get real-time updates as to when placements have gone live. The team:

  • Monitors email comms regarding placements

  • Uses third-party tools to monitor URLs for updates

  • Uses third-party tools to monitor all new links to the resource

Campaign reporting

The outreach team have weekly reports on the success of each campaign, allowing them to manage the campaign in order to deliver on link targets for clients.

  • Regular team and client reporting to understand monthly progress and amend the approach accordingly to deliver on client link targets

  • Feeding back to the client when the resource is delivering diminishing returns and when it might be time for a new resource

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