How much does
ResourceLinkBuilding cost? *

*As with any bespoke marketing service, the cost will depend on a range of different factors, but this page gives guidance on typical pricing.

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Cost for resource creation

Prices for content creation can vary depending on your specific requirements, but we have given a price based on these examples.

Resource prices from £4,000 +VAT, includes:


Three-five ideas, based on research and our experience

Content creation

Typically 3,000 - 5,000 words

Resource design

Bespoke and on-brand design

Resource development

Developed in flat HTML

Note: you will have sign off for each of the above phases of the resource creation.

Example price variables:

Content length

Specific request for over 5,000 words


Creation of tools/logic/resource into a specific CMS template

Multiple designs

Breaking the resource into sub-pages, with different designs

The resource is invoiced upon the project start date, with 28-day payment terms.

Costs for link placements

Links are priced from £395 +VAT per link, but can vary depending on the industry sector.

We operate on a pay-on-placement basis, meaning that links are tallied at the end of the month and invoiced accordingly.

Payment terms are 28 days from receipt of invoice.

Minimum term agreement

There’s a minimum six-month agreement from when the resource is live and we start outreaching for placements. The minimum monthly link target is 10 links.

Volume pricing

If you want us to build resources and/or links at scale, we’ll be happy to discuss discounts for volume.

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